Thematic Event Textile Industry

Veranstalter: GreenBuzz Zurich

The textile industry’s environmental & social impacts are well-known by consumers and companies alike. In light of most governments’ and companies’ sustainability goals, it becomes clear that the textile industry needs to play its part and change towards more sustainable practices. At this thematic event, we want to discuss:

- Why is sustainability still not a top priority for textile companies?

- What exactly does sustainability mean in a textile context?

- What should be prioritized in making the textile industry more sustainable?

- How can Swiss companies, the government and consumers support sustainable change in the textile industry?

We will hear from a diverse panel of experts from both the private and public sectors, as well as from innovative local organizations.Join us on September 23rd to discuss this important sector’s role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals!
  • Do 23.09.2021 | 18:00‐21:30 Uhr
  • Eintritt 85.-
Pfingstweidstr. 16
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