SDG16 in Times of Conflict

Should it matter to business?

Veranstalter: GreenBuzz Zurich

“There is no sustainability without peace, and no peace without sustainability.” – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 16)Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, we said that GreenBuzz would examine the link between war & sustainability and why promoting positive peace is so important.On September 8th, we will therefore host informal drinks to talk about different forms of peace, and what it implies for politics, businesses and society. We will use SDG 16 as a starting point for this discussion and why it should matter to business.What can businesses do to ensure they do no harm in regions they operate in? Should weapons be included in sustainable investments? We are joined by Dr Evelyn Dietsche who heads the Business & Peace programme of Swisspeace and Rachel Whittaker Head of Sustainable Investment Research, Robeco to provoke an interesting discussion.
  • Do 08.09.2022 | 18:00‐19:30 Uhr
  • free to join
Pfingstweidstr. 16
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