Thematic Event: Building a Circular Future

The Right to Repair

Veranstalter: One Planet Lab

In an era of rapid technological advancements and disposable consumer culture, the Right to Repair movement has gained significant traction worldwide. This movement seeks to empower consumers by granting them the legal right to repair their electronic devices and appliances, challenging the prevailing trend of planned obsolescence and promoting a more sustainable future.Questions we will discuss:

What is the EU’s Right to Repair law status and its impact on Switzerland?

How will the legislation affect consumer choice and product availability in Switzerland?

What challenges/opportunities does the law present for Swiss manufacturers and repair services?

How does the law address electronic waste and contribute to sustainability in Switzerland?

What are the implications for Swiss consumers in terms of cost, convenience, and repairability?

  • Di 05.12.2023 | 18:00‐21:00 Uhr
  • Eintritt 55.-
Pfingstweidstr. 16
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